Rental Pool

An owner is welcome to use his fractional ownership for his own use. Some owners, however, might wish to maximize their investment return by placing their 4 weeks or a portion thereof into the resort rental pool. This is then rented out on the owner’s behalf by the resort management team and the owner is paid a rental pool dividend.

Owners are invited to use our Online Exchange Management System to place weeks into the rental pool.

Rental pool income is calculated on a monthly basis, and the nett distribution is paid out after deduction of direct costs and a management fee.  An owner does not have the risk inconvenience and costs associated with doing your own private rentals.

In addition the marketing of the property is handled by the resort management team which is supported by the local and international marketing network of Legacy Hotels and Resorts.

Maintenance of rental pool properties

Legacy hotels will completely service & maintain your unused time and lodge whilst in the rental pool, taking care of all aspects including: check in/out, inventory control, credit card details on arrival, house keeping etc.

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