Management of your fractional ownership investment

All units owned by Legacy Private Residencies are fully managed and maintained and members need not concern themselves with the day-to-day management hassles associated with a holiday home or alternatively with a privately syndicated home.

Management includes all aspects of maintenance; levy collection and all financial administration. The levy includes a provision for future refurbishment costs ensuring that the unit and the contents will remain in a good state of repair.

Legacy Private Residencies is managed by Legacy Hotels and Resorts, ensuring you the best possible service, and that your investment maintains and grows in value.

Legacy Hotels

Management with Legacy provides peace of mind through the following services:

  • Hospitality services – professional reception, maintenance, cleaning, resort facilities, security and rental pool.
  • Administrative – annual financials, shareblock management, annual AGM, levy planning and collections.
  • Portfolio growth – addition of future properties into the Legacy Private Residence portfolio.
  • Member benefits – negotiation of additional benefits for members – Exchange membership, resort discounts, local tourist attractions etc
  • Resale service - Should you wish to resell Legacy offers a resale service for members. The resale includes share transfer, sourcing of buyer and all administration.

Legacy Private Residencies Resort Portfolio